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Computer Integrated manufacturing ( abbreviated as CIM henceforth) is the latest trend in manufacturing automation. It does not mean a Fully Automated System. Effective integration of all resources (Capital, Human , CNC technology, Material Handling etc ) can enhance quality, productivity, flexibility, agility, leanness etc) of a system which may even be distributed across the globe. It is vital for global manufacturing.

Because of the High Level of Investment, its economic via-bility is a very important angle for success. Thorough preliminary planning , and computer simulation with a suitable flexibility ma-trix is essential . Generally even very technical personnel are con-fused of the normal terminology - FMS,FMC, CAD-CAM, CIM, particularly their differences. This course is an attempt to make the understanding very clear. And a reasonable road map to gradual up gradation of CIM.

The course is aimed at developing the right perspective and under-standing of this attractive aid to competitiveness. Apart from clari-fying the basics case studies will be used from different types of industries to highlight the applications potential. It is expected to provide a systematic approach to CIM with gradually increasing sophistication.