WoMS will feature the following speakers.

Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
Preeti Ranjan Panda CS&E, IIT Delhi Runtime Co-optimisation in the Memory Hierarchy
R Govindarajan CSA, IISc Understanding and Improving Memory Performance
Vivek Seshadri Microsoft Research India Processing Using Memory: Mechanisms, Benefits, and Challenges
Saravanan Sethuraman IBM India Server Memory sub-system Architecture & Emerging Memory Technologies Overview
Manish Gupta Nvidia/UC San Diego Reliability and Performance Trade-off Study of Heterogeneous Memories
Arpit Joshi University of Edinburgh Architecting Persistent Memory Systems: A Performance Perspective
Biswabandan Panda CS&E, IIT Kanpur I know your password, How? Through your Memory stupid :)
Manu Awasthi CS&E, IIT Gandhinagar NVMs : A Study in Use Cases