“As I mentioned during my presentation , I really learned a lot from talking with people at the delegate” – Aaron Tay Manager

“I had such a wonderful time at your conference. I think you and your team ran it very well, I was taking notes so to learn from your great example. I was particularly aware of how you gave young professionals opportunities and they all seemed to have delivered very well for you.” – Shawna Sadler

“It was wonderful to see you. I was so impressed that you pulled such an awesome conference in really short time! Congratulations to you and your hard working team. I had a wonderful time. This conference was one of the best conference I have attended”. – Neelam Bharti

“The three days packed event was exciting, and presentations were very good under interesting themes. There were a plenty, to ‘take away’, for the participants from the galore of presentations of national and international speakers”. – Satish Munnolli

“Everything was just perfect:  world-class and no compromise was made anywhere”. – Manish G Mankad

“I would like to congratulate you and your team for putting up such a great show and appreciate your efforts in meticulously planning the event, where everything was perfect. The conference has been a benchmark, especially in LIS and we shall try to keep it up”. – Saroj Das

“I loved being at the conference, and you and your staff’s generous hospitality was wonderful. You certainly could not have done more!” – Louise Corti

“I am glad the conference was a success. I enjoyed it all immensely. Your staff was terrific. I especially enjoyed talking to all of them” – Bill Odell

“Conference that you conceived, planned and made happen must be a matter of pride. It was such a great Conference and also the opportunity that we all add of seeing the surroundings, shopping, interacting with all the participants was very enriching. It was an honour to join you and all your marvellous colleagues that did everything to make us happy” – Maria Amante

“I was very impressed with the intellectual planning and sequence of the conference sessions, and the range of experience and ideas shared. I learned so much from your colleagues and the presentations” – Karrie Peterson

“It was such a pleasure and an honor to be included in the CLSTL conference. You organized a wonderful program and took such good care of us, and the facilities were superb. I’m very grateful to have been invited and was touched by the consistent care that was shown for our comfort.” – Rick Anderson

“It was great to see so many Indian colleagues doing so much. A few people came up to me to talk about my presentation later, which was really nice. When there were no questions from the floor I was a little concerned but it was nice to hear some positive feedback later” – Maha Kumaran

“Kudos to you and the young team for all the hard work and making this happen in short period of time. It was the best international program organised in India! Congrats.” – J. K. Vijaykumar

” I enjoyed every conversation I had with you during the conference break. All of your presentations were very educational to me, and I’m very humbled to be listed as a speaker with such talented people” – Nobuko Miyairi

“I must say I enjoyed the conference and all the other programs a lot.  Your team really did a fabulous job of putting the program and rest of the arrangements together.”- Anjana Bhatt