Libraries all around the world are undergoing a major change and transforming themselves as creative places offering new approaches to learning, knowledge generation and sharing as well as dissemination of information. Libraries which are part of science and technology academic Institutions, research and development organizations, industries and other institutions known for delivering latest information, are leading this change and are quickly adapting to the new eco- system.

During the last few years, higher education sector within India and outside, particularly in Science & Technology, has seen major developments. Increasingly, more emphasis has been given on improving quality in teaching, learning and research productivity. Equally, the focus has been on innovation, incubation, capacity building, collaboration between industry and academic Institutions in India. A national initiative to setup Incubation and Innovation Centers, Research Parks, Start-up support systems and other similar activities on academic campuses has been announced. Along with it, the increase in research output and its impact on society is gaining due attention. All these and many more developments have increased expectations from the libraries in their respective institutions. Considering these developments, Libraries in Institutes’ of Science, Technology and allied areas, have been striving to be relevant and play a meaningful role by realigning their mission with that of the parent institution. It is in this context, libraries in these institutions are redefining their collection development policies, resource sharing mechanisms, new services and reconfiguring their space, using the opportunities offered by newer technologies. They are also garnering support for scholarly communication related activities and at the same time are working continuously to up keep the skills of their personnel.

To understand and navigate successfully through these developments and collectively address some of the challenges, IIT Gandhinagar had organized an international conference on the theme “Changing Landscape of Science & Technology Libraries (CLSTL 2017)”. Having organized the first conference successfully and considering the feedback of the speakers and participants both from India and abroad, IIT Gandhinagar is organising the 2nd International Conference, “Changing Landscape of Science & Technology Libraries (CLSTL 2019)” to be held at Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar from 28th February – 2nd March 2019.


The major objectives of this conference are

  • To bring together library professionals and researchers from India and abroad to exchange their innovative ideas, new initiatives, experiences, research work, best practices etc.
  • To understand as to how the Science & Technology (S & T) libraries are transforming themselves in the midst of rapid technology developments.
  • To share and discuss different set of library services offered to support the academic and research work at the parent institutions.
  • To learn innovative management strategies, emerging tools & technologies used to create and deliver research support services.
  • To discuss current issues, recent developments and their impact, and future challenges to prepare science and technology libraries for the future.

Target Audience

  • Library Professionals from science & technology institutions, research organizations and industries.
  • Teachers and Researchers in LIS field having interest in science & technology librarianship.
  • Library professionals, working in library networks, consortia; interested in open access, open data science, offering technology solutions to libraries.
  • Publishers, Information intermediates and vendors.
  • Information technology managers, educationists, policy makers and others interested in the theme of the conference.

Program Structure of the Conference

  • Day 1: Registration, Inaugural address, Keynote address, Invited presentations by eminent professionals, Theme based presentations, Select Product Presentations, Cultural Program & Conference Dinner.
  • Day 2: Invited presentations by eminent professionals, Theme based presentations, Poster presentations, Panel discussions, 2-4 Workshops in emerging areas of interest, Select Product Presentations & Conference Dinner.
  • Day 3: Invited presentations by eminent professionals, Theme based presentations, Select Product Presentations, Concluding Session & high tea.

Effort will be made to make the conference fruitful, memorable and worth the time and money.