Conference-cum-Workshop on History, Science and Technology of Ancient Indian Glass

IIT Gandhinagar
21st—25th January, 2019

The study of Ancient Indian Glass, involves scientific investigations as well as understanding in the right cultural perspective. A combination of such a strategy has not evolved fully in south Asia even though a larger history and ethnography of glass is noticed here. Further, there is a need of standardization of glass artifacts studies in terms of typology and technology among the various researchers.

Keeping in view of above objectives, Archaeological Sciences Centre, IITGN will be conducting a five day (including one day fieldtrip) Conference-cum-Workshop on ‘History, Science and Technology of Ancient Indian Glass’ from 21—25th January, 2019. This Conference-cum-Workshop aims to discuss the development of glass through the ages, literature/epigraphical references, typology, techniques and archaeometry involved in their study to interpret the past technology with the help of experts and scholars who are either archaeologists or scientists working in archaeology and allied disciplines.

Eminent scholars from around the world (Shinu Abraham, Ivana Angelini, Ravindra Singh Bisht, Wijerathne Bohingamuwa, Sharmi Chakraborty, Kurush Dalal, Laure Dussubieux, Thomas Fenn, Maninder Singh Gill, Viswas Gogte, Bernard Gratuze, Sunil Gupta, Asma Ibrahim, Alok Kumar Kanungo, Jan Kock, Stephen Koob, Joanna Then-Obłuska, Thilo Rehren, V. Selvakumar, Ravindra Nath Singh, Torben Sode, Massimo Vidale, Bhuvan Vikrama and others), and craftsmen from Varanasi/Purdalpur and Kapadwanj will be the resource persons who will share their work and deliver lectures and carryout hands-on experiments for the participants on various aspects of ancient glass in the archaeological context. With pre-designed requested paper from the experts a book on Glass of South & South-East Asia: Archaeology, Ethnography and Global Connections will be published.

Registration Fee: Rs. 1500/- for student, Rs. 2500/- for staff and Rs. 5000/- for foreigner

Short Listing of Applications

We will be shortlisting about 50 young archaeologists (Post-Graduate students, Research Scholars, Faculty and Staff) and Ancient Glass Enthusiast dealing with excavations and study of glass (on the basis of the applicants CV and SOP) from the received applications in October 2018. The participants will be exposed to the various scientific studies of Ancient Glass.

We are working towards travel support (III AC Express / Superfast train up to a maximum of Rs. 3,000/-) for the Indian students and accommodation for all the non-local participants.

Short listed candidates will be confirmed via their respective email.

Online Application Form

Last Date of Application: 30th September 2018

Conference-cum-Workshop Coordinator: Alok Kumar Kanungo