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Fiber reinforced polymer matrix composite: impact behavior and manufacturing opportunities

September 26 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The last decades have witnessed a steady increase in the use of lightweight polymeric composites for structural applications. In addition to their excellent quasi-static mechanical properties such as high specific stiffness and strength, it has become essential for these composite structures to perform well under various types of impact loading. Impact loading on a material or structure is given by the relatively sudden application of an impulsive force, to a limited volume of material or part of a structure. The results of an impact can be largely elastic, with some energy dissipated as heat, sound, internally in the material, etc. Alternatively, there may be deformation, permanent damage, complete penetration of the body struck or
fragmentation of the impacting or impacted body, or both. The particular response is strictly dependent on the tested material, whereas, for fibre composite materials permanent damage, possibly subsurface and barely visible, penetration and fragmentation are of interest. Strategic applications are related, for instance, to the aerospace and defense industries. Major aspects of current damage-tolerant design philosophies in other Industries, such as the automotive, are
similar to that of the aerospace industry. In this competitive context, however, the adoption of effective manufacturing techniques, alternative to autoclave curing of prepregs but providing high quality products at acceptable cost, is imperative. A great deal of attention is currently directed to pultrusion processing and liquid composite molding methods. The main opportunities and issues related to these processes are commented on, with particular emphasis
to monitoring and control strategies.Discipline/Coordinating Entity: Materials Science and Engineering


September 26
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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